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Four Things to Consider when Creating a Website

Are you looking to create a website? You want your business OR idea to reach out to millions of Malaysians out there. You want to seize the opportunity available in the market and tap into the limitless market potential available on the Internet.


Well, you have come to the right place! We are moving into an era of digital marketing and your website is the window into your business. You want your customers to see your products and services in an interesting way and capture their interest.


Here Are A Few Things to Consider:


1. Your Website Name

You already have a name for your business does not mean you already have a name for your website, think again! The length, meaning, and word plays a very important role to pull in your first customer. And after that you want all your customers to REMEMBER. Choose a name that is interesting and that will make people remember. A lot of considerations were made in names like NIKE and Apple. So, get your pens and paper and start thinking!

SMART TIP:  Start with identifying your core business and next identify what is your niche and write them on a piece of paper. Play around with the combination of words until you find a name that captures your attention the most.


2. Web Design

There are many ways you can create a website. Sure, you can use the many website makers out there such as WIX and Square Space. But what you are going to get are duplicated layouts of anyone who was using website makers. If you are a business and if you want to impress your customers, believe us that duplication is a BIG mistake!

Make sure the website design is responsive (compatible with mobile devices) because 70% of Malaysians today are actively using their mobile devices to browse the internet. And the layout of the website is just as important. How to position the call to actions? How to section your website in an interesting and captivating way? But if you don’t have the time or want an extra touch, our designers at DINNO Marketing just love to do that.


3. Social Media Presence

Social media is one of the best ways to get people to start a conversation about your business. You want people to talk about your business and get your Business Name spread like a wildfire. Identify what is the type of business you have and learn what social media impacts people the most. If you are in the food business, Facebook and Instagram is a killer combination. What is your business? and explore what social media presence best applies to your industry.

SMART TIP: After creating your social media presence, invite your friends and family and start a conversation about your service. Share your topic with your friends and this will help your service gain a higher online presence credibility.


4. Search Engine Optimization

So, you got a website but you ask, “how do you get people to see my website?”. Well, people search for websites through Google Search, one of the most popular search engine today. You need to do some Keyword Research to find out what people are searching and then strategically position these keywords into your website.


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