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Social Media Marketing plays an integral role in advertising your business. In today’s standards word-of-mouth is far more effective than expensive advertising campaigns and this is actively taking place on social media platforms today.


Taking advantage of this you can effectively get your business known and have a better relationship with your customers.


At DINNO, we start with a FREE consultation to get to know you better and subsequently doing a thorough research on your industry to determine which social media platform works best for you.

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Facebook ™

Reach out and connect with your business page

Facebook ™ is inarguably one of the most popular and growing social platforms around. Interact with your customers to build a stronger relationship and business presence. You can convert potential leads to sales directly from Facebook too!

Moreover, this platform can be used to host events and contests which in turn promotes participation, awareness and a stronger brand image.

Twitter ™

Say something to impact your customers

Twitter ™ is a powerful social media platform to announce product updates and make quick engagement with customers. Many companies have gained a stronger business presence when their tweet has gone viral.

Twitter can also improve customer service experience and are usually used by some companies as the chosen platform to handle Customer Service enquiry due to its feature in making short and concise notifications.

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Instagram ™

Your picture says a thousand words

Instagram ™ is a powerful tool to visually speak to your customer to get their thinking talking. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Let your stunning pictures convey the messages to your customers.

Get your products or services conversation rolling with contents that captivate your customers. This creates a stronger brand awareness and at the same time engage with your customers in a more exciting way!

Other Platforms

Growing your social media presence

Youtube, LinkedIn, and many more, our agile method at DINNO picks out the most suitable platform based on your goal, industry and customer base.

Our creative designers and forward thinking marketers create content that simply works for your business. What are you waiting for, get social now!

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