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Integrate your services into a platform where your customers can interact with you better while you minimize cost in administrations and file maintenance. This can be done via a portal that displays information onto a dashboard.


Let DINNO design a stunning dashboard for your customers to take advantage of it.


One stop centre for information management
Dashboard design

Social Platform

Beautiful, Easy to Use, Social Friendly

Usually implemented for closed community based platforms in industries such as residencies, education and even in large corporate settings.

Features include dynamic post feeds and notifications, small collaboration groups, and friends.

Business Platform

Dynamic Management Tools

Take control of your business with a bird’s eye view on everything that goes on across various departments. Enable your managers to make more accurate decisions whilst improving top to down communication.

Features include display of statistical information, corporate email systems, human resources managing, corporate memo, logistics, and fully customizable towards business needs.

Dashboard design
Dashboard design


Flexible & Useful

If you are providing a unique individual service to your customers, let us work with you to transform them into an integrated dashboard system where your customers can take control and customize subscribed services according to their needs.

Universities can also take advantage of this by enabling their students to contact lecturers, make fee payments, check their time tables and many more. The possibilities are endless.

Data Management

Powerful Tools at Your Fingertips

Are you an IT Manager looking to integrate your internal resources across enterprise ? Look no further and let us design one for you!

Application includes server resources management, remote desktop management, notifications delivery. They can be customized to meet demanding IT management needs.

Dashboard design