E-COMMERCE Transform your business to an online store


Are you still selling your products in a physical store? No matter what you are selling, DINNO can transform your store into an online store to reach a wider audience.


E-Commerce enables your products to be purchased online via digital payments which provides a greater level of convenience to your customers whilst maximizing selling potential. Let’s check out the advantages of using an E-Commerce platform with DINNO:


Transform your business to an online store
A person holding mobile phone and browsing products online

Catalogue Management

Shelf sorting a thing of the past

Say goodbye to shelf sorting and complicated inventory management. Take a picture of your product, upload, and categorize. It only takes 3 steps to start selling. How you categorize your products will help your customers find them with ease!

Every E-commerce site comes with a powerful search engine, and filter system that enables your customers to spend less time finding and more time shopping. The catalogue pages can organize your products effectively according to product type, price, category and many more.

Shopping Cart

Uninterrupted shopping experience

Just like the shopping cart at stores, E-Commerce enables your customers to pick out products that interests them. Once they are happy with what they have chosen, they can simply pay for the goods to be delivered!

It does more than that, it remembers what your customers have picked so that even if they accidentally closed their browser to return to their busy chores, their choices will not be lost.

Mini shopping cart on the tablet with icons floating on the cart
A person on the laptop looking at gift coupons page

Coupons Management

Powerful promotions and coupons management

Have a promotion running for a product ? E-commerce platforms has got that covered! DINNO uses the latest platform systems such as Magento, Big Commerce, and Shopify which have powerful discount management system. You will have more control of how long and how much of discounts are cashed in.

With that, you can oversee the analysis of data collected to make better decisions to enhance future products. All these works seamlessly in the background so you can focus towards making your products better!

Product Reviews

Word of mouth a powerful tool

Believe it or not, product reviews is a major factor that drives product sales. People in this generation are growing sceptical towards products without reviews, they often read up before purchasing items.

DINNO uses e-commerce platforms to bring the reviews to every product so that your customers can share their thoughts about your products and services. Use the feedback gathered to improve on your products and gain more loyal customers.

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A person holding mobile phone and icons and shopping cart floating around it

More Features

Do more with less

It does not stop here, there are hundreds of features such as rewards system, newsletter, marketing management and more. Whatever you need, DINNO has the expertise to set up your e-commerce site before your product launch.

What about safety? All e-commerce platforms have got that covered for you. Military grade security such as SSL encryption, HTTPS and secured payment gateway, ensure the security of your cash flow and your customer’s shopping experience.